Malaysia 3rd Series (M3S) 2012 5 Cents Coin With Filled Die Errors
Over-polished dies examples are missing part of the coin's normal design. They also display "abraided" die characteristics (from over-use) because these Mint Errors were the result of the extended  life of the working die, to save money. So mint employees would file and polish the dies. Often, this resulted in some areas of the die to be poorly struck and missing certain parts of the coin's design.
Most Filled Dies on all denominations of coins are very common and coin struck from a  filled die will be released from the Mint, as the Mint does not consider these as errors.Filled dies error coins occurs because of the huge volume they mint each year.There are some collectors who like an example of their favorite coin with a  filled die, but I always like to suggest to them to find such minor error coins in circulation themselves.
A filled die coin is a very common form of minor error and does not add significant numismatic value to the coin. This would have approximate retail value of between RM15.00 to RM 38.00 to an interested error coins collector,depending on the date,denomination and condition of the error coin.


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