CAA Coins And Banknotes Auction On 19-10-2013

Sorry for being away for a week break to attend the Collectibles Auction Asia (CAA) Coins & Banknotes Auction 2/2013 on 19th October 2013 at the Landmark Village Hotel, Victoria Street, Singapore.
Touched down at Changi Airport on 17th October 2013 around noon time.I was welcomed and picked up by a very buddy Singapore numismatist.We proceed  for a Singapore typical traditional Hainanese chicken rice, very delicious.At Armada Hotel,I was offered by him to view his ultra rare and unique banknotes collections which he just collected recently.I promised to  share with you soonest.

In the late afternoon, I was with Mr.Wong Hon Sum and others to visit the CAA Auction venue at Landmark Hotel,just to made sure everything is in order.

On 18th October 2013 is a public viewing day.By 9.00am,they were bidders came to view their items, more numismatists showed up in the afternoon,including many Malaysian.
On auction day, morning session was for coins, we started at 9.45am. with British Trade Dollar (BTD) coins. First Lot, a Silver BTD ,Au 1898 was realised by Internets bidder at reserved price of SGD180 (RM459),excluding buyers premium of 15%.Yesternight, this internet bidder, a friend of mine,called to tell me that he bidded this lot by mistake.He said,this is his first time to bid through, he hit the red button by mistake,too "Kan-Chong", he laughed.
Lot 7, BTD Silver 1934B.PCGS,Genuine Au-Details Cleaning was realised for SGD1100.(Reserve Price SGD700)
   BTD Silver 1934B

In China /Ancient coins,Lot 20,Qing Dynasty, “Xian Feng Yuan Bao” 1000 Cash Coin, EF, Scarce,清咸丰元宝当千, 极美品, 稀少,was realised for SGD1400.(Reserve Price SGD650)

Next is a  China Silver Coin NGC Au Details, 大清银圆, 宣统三年 (1911), NGC 评级 Au- Details 打印记.Sold at SGD700 (Reserve Price SGD280)

Another hot item in China Silver coins was bidded at a very high price is lot:41.China Empire, Yunnan, ND (1909-11) Y-260. Silver dollar with nice luster. PCGS Au 50.清, 云南省造宣统元宝, 7.2钱 PCGS评级Au50金盾. Realised: SGD1500 (Reserve Price SGD300).

In China/Republic Silver Coins, a lot of the Yuan Shih-kai Silver dollar was bidded at the price range of SGD500 to 650 for NGC Au grade.Except this lot 54,China, Republic, Year 3 (1914) Yuan Shih-kai Silver Dollar. Y-329.4 CN, Triangle “Yuan”. Mintmark “O” in left loop of ribbon bow.
PCGS MS 61.民国三年, 袁世凯银圆, 三角圆 “大O” 版, 肩章上两八字星下两小五角星,PCGS评级 MS61. 金盾
Realised :SGD900. (Reserve Price SGD450).

Lot 70 is a China, Republic, Szechuan, Yr.1 (1912) Y#456, Silver dollar, PCGS Au 50. 民国元年, 四川军政府造壹圆 “汉” 字银币, 点 “民”. PCGS 评级 Au 50 金盾, sold at SGD300.(Reserve Price SGD180).

Lot 74 to Lot 113 were the China/People's Republic of China coinage.Mostly were realised at the reserved price, except this Lot 112.: China, The Peoples Bank of China, 1982, 8 coins set. 1 Fen ~ 1 Yuan and dog medal. (proof like) 中国人民银行, 造币公司制, 1982年, 1分~1圆币 加狗章. 共8枚套. Realised at SGD850.(Reserve Price SGD450).
 To be continued....... 

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Collectibles Auction Asia 2 / 2013(liveauctioneers).


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