CAA Coins And Banknotes Auction On 19-10-2013.Singapore.
 Japanese Occupation Coins
Link to: Collectibles Auction Asia 2 / 2013(liveauctioneers). 

Lot 118 is a Netherlands East Indies / Japanese Occupation coin, issued in 1944, composition is Tin Alloy, denomination is 10 sen on the reverse and a  picture of native puppet on obverse (Y#64). Graded by US PCGS MS63. It is a collection of Wong Hon Sum.日治荷属东印度 (印尼), 1944年锡合金10 sen, 正面图为爪哇木偶. PCGS评级 MS63金盾. 黄汉森藏品.
According to Mr.Wong Hon Sum, this is one of his rare collection because according to his experience,it is not easy to obtain a piece of this coin graded in mint stage MS63 in condition. The new owner is a Malaysian, he told me all this while he had tried to search through many auction houses, this is the first piece he found graded in uncirculated condition.I help him to bid and  got it at the reserved price of SGD800, actualy he had prepared to bid up to SGD1600.Mr.Wong Hon Sum also agreed the right market price should be at least SGD1200.

The next item Lot:119 is a Malaya / Japanese Occupation medal,the Commemorative porcelain medal of Japanese Victory over Singapore. Made in German. Obverse embossed in German “EINNAHME VON SINGAPORE. 11 FEBRUAR 1942”,measured 2.5cm in diameter ; on the reverse, the circumscription is “GROSS-OSTASIEN VON FREMDHERRS CHAFT BEFREIT”. also a Wong Hon Sum collection.
日治马来亚, 德国制瓷章, 祝贺日本占领新加坡, 并解放大东亚, 章直径2.5cm. 黄汉森藏品

It was realised at SGD750 (Reserve Price SGD500).The new owner also is a Malaysian. He just sent me a short massage to tell me that  he was lucky to win this medal, he strives to collect the "white medal" in near future.
Lot 121 is an other piece of  Malaya / Japanese Occupation medal, The Commemorative porcelain Medal, as same as above, but the obverse  and the reverse are white porcelain. A Wong Hon Sum collection.
日治马来亚, 德国制白瓷章, 贺日本占领新加坡, 并解放大东亚. 黄汉森藏品. From a reserve price of SGD 600,it was bidded up to SGD2400.The proud new owner is a Malaysian too.

Items auction under Malay Archipelago Money were not popular among Singaporean and young collectors.
Tin cash, copper cash, tin pitis,Malacca Portuguese coins, coins of Buddhist Kingdom of Srivijaya,Perak Tin Hat Money are among items to be auction,only a rare Perak Tin Hat Money .吡叻州锡帽钱,weight at 166gm.Top measured at 4.5cmx2cm. and bottom measured at 6.8cmx2cm. with height at 2cm was bid by me for a  Malaysian who is very serious Sultane coins collector at SGD 300.The market value is RM2,500 to RM3,000.

Many Malay Sultanate collectors missed to collect this unlisted  Johor Kupang gold coin 柔佛金 , dated 1623~1677, a Gold Kupang minted during the period of Sultan Abdul Jalil III. SS10. Graded by PCGS XF 40.May be the reserved price of SGD1,000 is a bit on the high side.

Among the coins of Straits Settlements under the Crown Colony (!867- !939) sold with a good premium during this CAA auction were:
Lot:151 :Straits Settlements, Silver dollar, 1907 and 1907H. 2pcs. Au 海峡殖民地, 壹圆银币, 1907; 1907H 各1枚 Au, realised at SGD200 (Reserve Price SGD90).
Lot 154: Straits Settlements Silver dollar, 1919, Au.
海峡殖民地 银圆, 1919. Au.Sold at SGD300.(Reserve Price SGD180).

The King of Queen Victoria 50 Cents;Lot:159, Straits Settlements, Silver 50c 1889. KM#13 NGC VF 25
海峡殖民地, 银5角, 1889, 维多利亚女皇 NGC评 VF-25 was realised only at the reserved price of SGD3,000.

Two lots,Lot 184 and Lot 185 were realised at SGD 170 (Both lots with Reserve Price SGD90).
Lot:184;Straits Settlements, Silver dollar, 1907H and 1908. 2pcs. Au 海峡殖民地, 壹圆银币, 1907H; 1908 各1枚 Au.

Lot:185; Straits Settlements, Silver 50c, 1907 and 1908. 2pcs. Au 海峡殖民地, 5角银币, 1907; 1908 各1枚 Au

Lot 260:Straits Settlements, Silver 10c, 1916. KM#29 NGC Au-Details surface hairlines
海峡殖民地, 壹角银币, 1916, 乔治五世, NGC评 Au-Details Solt at SGD300.
(Reserve Price SGD180). I was told it is a 1916 10 Cents variety coin.

Lot 272;Straits Settlements, Silver 5c, 1876H. KM#10 NGC VF-Details surface hairlines 海峡殖民地, 五分银币, 1876H, 维多利亚女皇, NGC评 VF-Details Sold at realised price of SGD1,500.

Lot 305;Straits Settlements, C-N 5 cents, 1920, NGC MS62 海峡殖民地, 镍5分币. 1920, NGC评级 MS62, was realised at SGD280.(Reserve Price SGD180)

Lot 310;Straits Settlements, Bronze Cent, 1885, GVF. Very scarce date. ,海峡殖民地, 铜分币, 1885 GVF.Sold at SGD400.(Reserve Price SGD100).

Coins of Malaya and British Borneo
Mostly were won by Malaysian Collectors.
Lot 323: Malaya & British Borneo, C-N, 5c, 1957H NGC MS66. 马来亚与英属婆罗洲, 5分镍币, 1957H, NGC评级 MS66.Realised Price:SGD280.(Reserve Price SGD220). 

Lot 325; Malaya & British Borneo, C-N, 20c, 1957KN NGC MS63. 马来亚与英属婆罗洲, 二角镍币, 1957KN, NGC评级 MS63.Hammer price SGD280.(Reserve Price SGD180).

Lot 326;Malaya & British Borneo, C-N, 50c, 1954 NGC MS64. 马来亚与英属婆罗洲, 伍角镍币, 1954, NGC评级 MS64.Realised price:SGD420.(Reserve Price SGD160).

Lot327;Malaya & British Borneo, C-N, 50c, 1955H NGC MS62. 马来亚与英属婆罗洲, 伍角镍币, 1955H, NGC评级 MS62.Solt at SGD320.(Reserve Price SGD280)

 Lot 329; Malaya & British Borneo, C-N, 50c, 1956 NGC MS64. 马来亚与英属婆罗洲, 伍角镍币, 1956, NGC评级 MS64. Realised at SGD1800.(Reserve Price SGD760)

To Be Continued................


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