CAA Coins And Banknotes Auction On 19-10-2013.Singapore.
More highlights on  British  Malaya and Malaysia coins
Link to: Collectibles Auction Asia 2 / 2013(liveauctioneers).

I am so sorry,I didn't continue to post up some highlights of CAA Coins And Banknotes Auction yesterday because I was not feeling well. I totally lost my voice for the whole day.I will like to apologise to those who call to my handphone. I didn't answer my calls because I couldn't say anything.
Today, they is a slight improvement although my voice still sound sexy. I hereby post up more highlights on British Malaya coins and so on.
Lot 336; Malaya & British Borneo, C-N 50c, 1957KN and 1958. 2pcs. GEF/Au
马来亚与英属婆罗洲, 5角铜镍币 1957KN; 1958 各1枚. GEF/Au. Realised at SGD200 from a reserved price of SGD90

Lot 337;Malaya & British Borneo, C-N 50c: 1954; 1955H; 1956; 1957H; 1957KN; 1958H; 1961; 1961H. (Tan MBe6, KN6) 8pcs. GEF/UNC.马来亚与英属婆罗洲, 5角铜镍币 8个年份全. GEF/UNC
Sold for SGD500.(Reserve Price SGD350)

Lot 340 is a group of graded  Malaya & British Borneo Copper Nickel 5 Cents coins.There are 1953 (MS65); 1957 (MS65); 1957H (MS66); 1957KN (MS63); 1958 (MS64); 1958H (MS65); 1961 (MS65); 1961H (MS66); 1961KN (MS65). Total 9pcs. all graded by NGC. Wong Hon Sum Collection.
英属马来亚与婆罗州, 5分铜镍币: 1953; 1957; 1957H; 1957KN; 1958; 1958H; 1961; 1961H; 1961KN. 共9枚. 全经NGC评级. 黄汉森藏品 were sold out for SGD3,000.The reserved price was only SGD800.

A similar package was a group of Malaya & British Borneo, C-N 20c: 1954 (MS61); 1956 (MS65); 1957H (MS66); 1957KN (MS62); 1961 (MS64); 1961H (MS66). Total 6pcs. all graded by NGC. Wong Hon Sum Collection. 英属马来亚与婆罗州, 2角铜镍币: 1954; 1956; 1957; 1957KN; 1961; 1961H. 共6枚. 全经 NGC评级. 黄汉森藏品. were sold for SGD900.(Reserve Price SGD600).

Lot 343 was Malaya & British Borneo, C-N, 50c: 1954 (MS64); 1955H (MS63); 1956 (MS61); 1957H (MS63); 1957KN (MS63); 1958H (MS65); 1961 (MS65); 1961H (MS65). Total 8pcs. all graded by NGC. Wong Hon Sum Collection.
英属马来亚与婆罗州, 铜镍5角: 1954; 1955H; 1956; 1957H; 1957KN; 1958H; 1961; 1961H. 共8枚. 全经 NGC评级. 黄汉森藏品 Sold at reserved price of SGD1,500.

But two items,Lot 344 and 345 were the Malaya & British Borneo, C-N, 50c, 1954 and 1961, Freak with out  security edge  or Milled Edged coins .KM#4. NGC graded. NGC Au50 and AU55 respectively.
英属马来亚与婆罗州, 5角铜镍币, 1954,1961, 无坑边错体, NGC 评级 Au50,AU55.Were sold only at SGD700 and SGD750 respectively.

In the category of Coins of British North Borneo, out of  6 lots, 3 lots were bidded.There were:
Lot 352;British North Borneo, C-N 5 cents, 1928H (Ex Remick Collection). NGC MS 66.
英属北婆罗洲, 5分铜镍币, 1928H. NGC 评级 MS 66. Realised: SGD360.(Reserve Price:SGD300).

Lot 353;British North Borneo, Bronze ½ cent, 1891 and 1907. GVF. 2pcs.英属北婆罗洲, 铜半分币. 1891与1907. 各1枚. GVF. Sold at SGD110,reserved price was SGD90 and

Lot 356;British North Borneo, Cadei Pitas Estate, Copper 5 cents, NGC XF 40
北婆罗洲, 园坵代用币, 铜5分, NGC评级 XF 40. Realised at SGD240.(Reserve Price:SGD180).

Coins Of Sarawak
Lot 358;Sarawak copper 1c, 1863, 1870, 1879, 1880, 1882, 1884, 1885, 1886, 1887, 1888, 1889, 1889H, 1890H, 1891, 1891H, 1892H, 1893H, 1894H, 1896H, 1897H. complete set 20pcs. EF to Au
砂朥越铜分: 1863~1897H. 共20枚全. EF/Au. Sold at SGD800 with reserved price of SGD400.

Lot:361; A hig graded;Sarawak, C-N Cent, 1920H, NGC MS 65
砂朥越, 铜镍分币, 1920H, NGC评级 MS 65 was realised at SGD460.(Reserve Price SGD100).

Coins Of Malaysia
Tough fight on this item.Lot:364;Malaysia 1c, 1970, NGC MS 64 RD. (Tan MSC1, KN1)马来西亚, 铜分 1970, NGC评级 MS 64 RD was realised at an other new record of SGD280 (RM840-including buyer's premium).In our previous MNS auction, the similar 1970 one cent coin was bidded at RM550.

Lot:365 also set an other new record of selling price on Malaysia Parliament Series 1969 20 Cents Coin.
Malaysia 20c, 1969, NGC MS66, (Tan MSC4, KN5).马来西亚铜镍2角 1969年. NGC评级 MS66
Realised at SGD750.(RM2200-including buyer's premium).

Malaysia, C-N 20c, 1967, and 1968 (Tan MSC4, KN5) Total 2pcs马来西亚, 铜镍2角, 1967与1968两枚均经 NGC 评级 MS66.Realised at SGD400.(RM1173-including buyer's premium).
Above two Lots were won by a young Malaysian collector, he bidded through me.
Lot 367 is the famous rare Malaysia Parliament series 1971 10 Cents coin.Malaysia, C-N 10c, 1971, NGC MS 64.马来西亚¸1971年1角铜镍币, NGC MS 64.Sold at SGD280.(RM821-including buyer's premium).

This is one of most popular sets of commemorative coins in Malaysia.Lot 368;Malaysia: 1976 Conservation Commemorative: Silver RM 15 NGC MS65; Silver RM 25 MS66; Gold RM 500 NGC MS64. 3pcs set.
(Tan MR11;12;13, KNB 9;10;6)马来西亚1976年保育国家动物纪念 RM15, RM25 与 RM500 金银币三枚套. NGC评级分别为 MS65; MS66; MS64. Was realised at SGD3400.(RM9970-including buyer's premium).
This Lot 374 created an other big wave on prices on coins of  Malaysia Parliament House series. More popular as ME (Milled Edge) among new coin collectors,this Malaysia, C-N 50c, 1969 Freak w/o security edge. NGC Au- 55.马来西亚1969年5角铜镍币错体无坑边 (牙边)PCGS评级 Au 55 was won by an other Malaysian Collector from the north of Peninsular Malaysia.He is the same colector who bidded the 1969 UNC with Security Edge  at RM2800 in MNS 157 last September.
This Malaysia, C-N 50c, 1969 Freak w/o security edge (ME) was owned by a senior collector in Malaysia who past away not long ago. His collections were sold to a dealer in Kuala Lumpur, then it was landed in the hand of a Singapore collector. After it was encapsulated with NGC Au -55,it was put in Collectibles Auction Asia to be auctioned away.Today, after it went around almost a complete round of glope, it came back to its mother land again, of course,with a lot of "extra" added value.
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  1. May I know what is so special about 20sen 1969. Because I have [20sen 1969 - 2 Pieces], [20sen 1970 - 1 Piece] and [20sen 1971 - 1 Piece]. My facebook name "You Reader" for any info.