CAA Coins And Banknotes Auction On 19-10-2013.Singapore.
More highlights on Realised Prices Of Mint Error Coins
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Lot 407;
Singapore, C-N 10c, ND mint error, mirror brockage on reverse. NGC MS 63.
新加坡, 1角铜镍币, 无日期, 正背图案左右相反, 各为凹凸错版. NGC评级MS 63.
Realised at SGD800.(RM2346.Including Buyer's Premium)

Lot 409;
Singapore, C-N 20c, 1967, mint error. Mirror Brockage on reverse. NGC MS 65.
新加坡, 2角铜镍币, 1967, 正背图案左右相反, 各为凹凸错版. NGC评级 MS65
Realised at SGD600.(RM1759.50.Including Buyer's Premium)

Lot 418;
Malaysia, 1976, C-N 20 sen, KM#4, mint error, struck 10% off center. NGC MS 62 and 20 sen, with double struck, 2nd strike 90% off center. NGC MS 65 2pcs.
马来西亚, 铜镍币, 1976, 2角及1987, 2角, 移位及重打错体, 共2枚. 经 NGC鉴评 MS 62 与 MS 65
Realised at SGD150. (RM439.90.Including Buyer's Premium)

Lot 420;
Malaysia, 1988, C-N 20 sen, mint error, unusual error with high grade, obverse die cap. NGC MS 66
马来西亚, 铜镍币, 1988, 1角特殊错打铸 NGC鉴评 MS 66 Realised at SGD250.(RM733.10.Including Buyer's Premium)

Lot 421;
Malaysia, 1967-88, C-N 5 sen, mint error, partial brockage on obverse NGC UNC details, scratches and C-N 20 sen, mint error, obverse struck through, Rim burr. NGC Au Details, scratches
马来西亚, 铜镍币, 无年份 (1967-88) 5分及1977, 2角错体2枚. 经NGC鉴评 UNC Details及Au Details Realised at SGD140.(RM410.55.Including Buyer's Premium)

Lot 422;
Malaysia, 1985, C-N 5 sen, KM#2 mint error, double struck. NGC UNC Details, Damaged
马来西亚, 铜镍币, 1985, 5分重复打至, 经NGC鉴评 UNC Details.Realised at SGD120.(RM351.90.Including Buyer's Premium)

Lot 423;
Malaysia, 1977, C-N 5 sen, mint error, without initials. NGC MS 63
马来西亚, 铜镍币, 1977, 正面图案右下的设计师缩写名字消失, 经 NGC 鉴评 MS 63
Realised at SGD80.(RM234.60.Including Buyer's Premium)

Lot 426;
Malaysia, No Date, C-N 5 sen, mint error, mirror brockage on obverse. NGC Au Details, surface hairlines.
马来西亚, 铜镍币, 无年份, 5分, 正单面, 另面平滑急见背反图影, 经NGC鉴评 Au-Details.
Realised at SGD180. (RM527.85.Including Buyer's Premium)

Malaysia, (1967-1988) ND C-N 5 sen, mint error, struck with two reverse dies, unusual error. NGC MS 63.马来西亚, 无年份, 5分, 两面为国会大厦图案, 逆背30%, 经NGC鉴评 MS 63.
Realised at SGD420. (RM1231.65.Including Buyer's Premium)

Lot 428;
Malaysia, 1982, C-N 5 sen, mint error, mirror brockage on reverse. NGC MS 65
马来西亚, 铜镍币, 1982, 5分, 两面为背之币值图案, 唯另面反图凹刻, 经NGC鉴评 MS 65
Realised at SGD380. (RM1114.35.Including Buyer's Premium)

Lot 430;
Malaysia, 1978, C-N 5 sen, mint error, struck with two obverse dies, unusual error. PCGS MS 65
马来西亚, 铜镍币, 1978, 5分, 两面为背之币值图案, 经PCGS鉴评 MS 65
Realised at SGD500. (RM1466.25.Including Buyer's Premium)

Lot 431,
Malaysia, 1977, C-N 5 sen, mint error, broadstruck. NGC MS 65
马来西亚, 铜镍币, 1979, 5分, 正背10%移位. 经NGC鉴评 MS 65
Realised at SGD160. (RM469.20.Including Buyer's Premium)

Lot 433;
Malaysia, 1968, C-N 10 sen, mint error, obverse half of split planchet, weight 1.4gm, NGC Au Details, surface hairlines
马来西亚, 铜镍币, 1角, 单背面, 另背反凹, 经NGC鉴评 Au Details
Realised at SGD130. (RM381.20.Including Buyer's Premium)

Lot 435
Malaysia, (1967-1988) ND, C-N 10 sen, mint error, full brockage obverse and die cap, rare error.
PCGS MS 65.马来西亚, 铜镍币, 无年份 (1976-88) 1角, 正背国会大厦图案, 另面光滑隐见国会反凹图, 逆背30% 经PCGS鉴评 MS 65.Realised at SGD280. (RM821.10.Including Buyer's Premium)

Lot 439;
Malaysia,1989,C-N 1 ringgit, mint error, struck on a 20 sen planchet, weight 5.7gm, rare error.NGC MS 63 .马来西亚, 铜镍币, 1989, 错误打铸在20角币板上, 经NGC评级 MS 63 .
Realised at SGD300. (RM879.75.Including Buyer's Premium)

Lot 443;
Malaysia, 1967, C-N 50 sen, KM#5.2 mint error with no security edge. NGC Au 55
马来西亚, 铜镍 5角, 1967, 齿边 (无凹坑), NGC评级 Au 55.
Realised at SGD950. (RM2785.90.Including Buyer's Premium)

Lot 447;
Malaya, 1961, C-N, 10 cents, KM#2 mint error, broadstruck. NGC MS 63
马来亚, 英属婆罗洲, 伊丽莎白女皇二世, 角铜镍币, 1961H, 边陷凹稍移位, 经NGC评级MS 63
Realised at SGD400. (RM1173.Including Buyer's Premium)
To Be Continued............


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