Bunga Raya Series.The "CUDS" Brother and sister.
Rarity: RRR/UNC
On 29th April 2011, I posted an article entitled "MALAYSIA COIN DIE ERRORS:TWIN BROTHERS OF MAJOR DIE BREAK OR "CUD" ERRORS(Read more:
Today I found an other brother and sister for "him". The Brother is a 2004 one cent coin and the sister is a 2005 5 cents coin. Both coins with Major Die Break Error "CUD" and occured on the same position similar to their twin brothers.There is 7 o'clock to 10 o'clock position on the reverse.
What is a Cud on a Coin? 
Cuds are the result of die cracks which have become severe where part of the die surface has become damaged and broken away. A cud is a damaged area resembling a blob on the surface of a coin which is raised above the field a little, and which obliterates the device or inscription where it appears.Some experts in the error-variety hobby insist that for the blob to be called a cud, the damaged part of the die must include part of the edge of the die.
Very small cuds are not usually valuable unless they appear on Proof coins. Cuds which can be seen by the naked eye are usually worth some premium over normal value.
How a Major Die Break Errors or a "CUD" can happens?
Coins are made by minting machines that apply tremendous stamping pressure to pieces of metal, leaving artistic patterns in the finished coin. The piece of metal, or coin blank, is called a planchet, and the hardened patterns that stamp on the coin are called working dies. There are two dies in a minting press, one die for the Obverse, and one die for the Reverse of the coin. After hours and hours,days and days of coin striking, the dies sometimes break under the pressure. Mint workers usually replace the dies before they crack, but sometimes several coins are produced before the workers find and replace the dies. If the broken dies go unattended for long periods of time, the break grows worse and worse, leaving larger and larger malformations on the struck coins. A large lump of coin metal left by a major die break is called a "CUD".


  1. Now you need to find the father ($1), mother (50cents) and big brother (20cents). Happy hunting!

  2. Hi Anonymous,
    Sir, if you come across their to meet father ($1), mother (50cents) and big brother (20cents), please help me to "arrange" them to come back to reunite with their siblings,Tqvm in advance.HiHi!

  3. The big brother is with me, a 1976 20 Sen. The mother, a 1973 50 Sen (Lot 205) is available at the 22nd December auction.

  4. Hi khoo,
    Good but not great! Bcoz the "CUD" is not happen at the same position.Wrong mother!!! haha!