Malaysia Bunga Raya Series 1994 20 Cents Coin With Rotated Dies Error.
Malaysia 1994 20 Cents was rated as one of the key date coin in Bunga Raya Series. It was minted with a total mintage of 2,680,339 pieces only.This total amount of mintage is one of the lowest on 20 cents in Malaysia Bunga Raya Series.

It was minted on a Copper-Nickel planchet, weight at 5.66gm, its diameter is 23.59mm and with a thickness of 1.75mm.

A  piece of uncirculated 1994 20 Cents was priced at RM650 on the current market in Kuala Lumpur. Just two months ago it was sold at RM450 only. If you have a piece graded by NGC or PCGS with MS67 in Gem Uncirculated grade, the selling price will be unimaginable!

This is a piece of  Malaysia 1994 20 Cents key date coin struck with Rotated Dies Error.
Normally, a coins design is upright on both sides when the coin is flipped over vertically. A ROTATED DIES error is when the reverse die is not aligned properly with the obverse die. This type of error can be easily identified by holding a coin at the 3-o-clock position between your thumb and forefinger, looking at the obverse design upright, and flipping in over vertically. If the design on the reverse isn't upright (looks rotated either clock-wise or counter clock-wise), you've found a rotated-dies error.
Rotated Dies Error can be caused by two reasons :
1-One of the die was improperly aligned during the installation.
2-One of the die was too slack during the striking process and turned on its axis.

There are regularly rotated coins in circulation. Pivoting movements of less than fifteen degrees are in the standards mint and have no added value.

Some Rotated Dies Error can be quite dramatic, like this rare 1994 20 Cents coin with a perfect 180 degrees!

Rotated Dies Error coin can be an exciting and profitable error to collect. Watch your change,you may have something more interesting than you think. With some searching, they can be found in pocket change.


  1. Hi Sifu ,

    Harga yang begitu memeranjatkan saya. Itu belum harga setelah digredkan oleh pihak ketiga. Bagaimana pula dengan harga pasaran bagi gred EF dan VF ?. Ada tak puluhan ringgit ?.

  2. Dickson, I am really astounded by the price trend of the 1994 20 Sen. In contrast, the 1970 20 Sen coin seems a laggard although the mintage is less than half of the 1994 coin. As a long-time collector, my conclusion is more of the 1970 coins in BU and UNC conditions are available in the market than the 1994 coin.

  3. Highly skewed price. As there are fake coins, there are fake price. Speculations are high compared to stock price. Wait until all this coin are unloaded by hoarders. There are more hoarders than collectors in Malaysia. In the old days there many genuine and serious collectors. Feel like changing to another hobby.

  4. Nsdk,
    Oleh kerana kebanyakan 1994 20 sen dalam pasaran adalah dalam keadaan VF dan EF, maka harga pasarannya masih berada dalam belasan dan bukan puluhan atau ratusan Ringgit. Salam.

  5. Anonymous,
    I totally agreed with Anonymous that the 1970 coins in BU and UNC conditions are more in pieces available in the market than the 1994 coin.Most of the old dealers in Malaysia were keeping and stocking the 1970 20 sen because they were awared the low mintage, so alot of them still in mint condition.But for the 1994 20 sen, no dealers in Malaysia are stocking them except one Singaporean dealer.
    There is a "vacuum" perioad in Malaysia numismatic from year 1985 till 1995.No new or young colectors and dealers exist, so coins minted during these period are hardy availble in mint condition.Thus, now the high price for BU in condition.

  6. Anonymous,
    Prices are fixed by market forces, so if there are times when the selling price heading North, I am sure one day will change its direction heading South!