Malaya 1957KN 5 Cents Graded NGC MS67
Rarity: RRR/BU
The Kings Norton Metal Company 
The Kings Norton Metal Company was registered as a Limited Company in 1890 and was a general manufacturer of small metal goods in Birmingham. Minting did not become part of its business until 1912 when the Royal Mint placed an order for bronze blanks which the Royal Mint then used to strike coins.
In 1914 The Kings Norton Metal company first started to strike coins for the Colonies but minting was still a sideline part of the business. World War I  saw a huge demand for munitions so the Kings Norton Metal Company shifted its production towards the manufacture of wire and parts used in the manufacture of shell and bullet casings. Although the Kings Norton Metal Company struck coins for the Colonies and Empire it only struck coins for Britain in 1918 and 1919 when it was awarded with a contract to strike George V Pennies.

All coins struck by the Kings Norton Metal Company can be identified by the mint mark KN .

This Malaya and British Borneo Queen Elizabrth II 5 Cents Copper-Nickel coin was minted by King's Norton Mint. Weight is 1.41gm.

An Uncirculated coin was priced at RM350, and a Brilliant Uncirculated coin was priced at RM900 in KN Boon 2012 Catalog.

On last November (2013), a piece was graded by NGC with MS64 was realised at SD380 (RM980; excluding 15% buyer's premium and 3% GST) in Singapore Mavin International Auction.

Thank you Brother Faizal for sharing.


  1. Dear Sifu,

    I have a 1991 Linclon cent. The planchet thickness is uneven and very visible around the edge. The word states only the top 25% visible and the alphabet O nearly unseen. can it be classified as an error coin?



  2. Hi seribahasa,
    Hope you can send me an image to do a better authentication for you!

  3. Dear Sifu,

    Could you pls verify if the following pics are Malaysian 50 sen fake coins and error coins. Also includes the 1991 Linclon cent but the pic quality a bit poor.



  4. Seri,
    2005 10 sen is a Major Die break Error , the "CUD". Please visit my Blog: (http://dniewcollectors.blogspot.com/2011/04/malaysia-coin-die-errorstwin-brothers.html)

    1991 Linclon cent likely is a Strike Through Error ,Please visit my Blog: (http://dniewcollectors.blogspot.com/2012/07/strike-through-errors-on-one-cent.html)

    1976 10 sen should be a Rim-to-Rim Die Crack Error:

    50 sen Forgery coins , you may refer to my post for more details:http://dniewcollectors.blogspot.com/2012/01/ways-of-detection-of-malaysia.html

    Seri, Happy Niewmismatics!