Malaysia Bunga Raya Series 2006 One Cent With Die Capped Strikes Error.

A die cap is caused when a struck coin sticks to the upper hammer die. Once the coin is stuck to the die face, the reverse of the struck coin becomes the new die face. When the next blank is fed into the collar and the strike occurs, the reverse design of the adheared struck coin impresses itself into the new blank. This struck coin is a brockage strike. The coin that adhered to the upper die is known as a die cap. This process repeats itself as more coins are struck by the cap. The greater the number of strikes, the higher the cap metal will be pushed around the upper die shaft. Eventually, the cap brakes away from the die in the shape of a thimble

Die caps resemble bottle caps, with the metal wrapping around the surface of the die. Die caps are very rare and collectible, much more so than capped die strikes.

Values for Die Caps is several hundred Ringgit and type coins tend to bring higher premiums and depends on the denomination, type, date and grade, plus thrid party grading service certified the error. Certain Capped Die mint errors can sell for thousands of Ringgit.


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