Malaysia Parliament House Series 1971 10 Sen Graded NGC MS65PL.
Rarity: Unique.
Last week, one of my senior numismatic friend came to visit my Dickson Niew Collection shop at Subang Jaya. He told me he has a rare 1971 10 sen coin and was graded by NGC with a MS65 grading. I replied to him, this is no more a great news because out of almost touching 1,000 pieces (or even exceeded now) graded by NGC, there were more than hundred pieces graded MS65 and another hundred pieces graded with MS66.
He smiled and said his piece is very unique, because it was graded as MS65 PL (PROOF LIKE). This indeed surprised me. This is the first time I came across our Malaysia 1971 10 sen coin graded with such label. I challenged him to show me the coin.
Yesterday, he showed up at my Dickson Niew Collection shop and handed over the "Proof Like" graded 1971 10 sen coin to me, it was encapsulated by NGC grading house. I was a bit puzzled when I saw the labeling, and when I took a close looked on the encapsulated coin, to my opinion it was just a normal 1971 10 sen variety 2 (V2) coin. Through my Dickson Niew grading services, I had sent more then 50 pieces of 1971 10 sen proof like V2 coins to NGC, none was graded with "PL" grading. My this numismatic friend is too lucky.


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