Ming Dynasty Bronze "Hong Wu Tong Bao" (洪武通寶) With Doubled Die Variety
Rarity: RRR
This Bronze "Hong Wu Tong Bao" (洪武通寶), from Ming Dynasty 明朝 (1368-1644 AD) was casted with Double Die variety.
On the reverse is in scripted with “Qian”(Money) at the right side of the central square hole, it was with light patina, fine in condition.

The weight is 2.69gm and with a diameter measured at 22.00mm.
How Doubled Die Coins Are Made
A doubled die coin is one that was casted by a die that was accidentally engraved with a doubled image. A die is the device that imprints an image on blank coins, which are also known as planchets.

Dies are engraved by a positive, or relief, image of the coin called a hub; a hub is created by reducing down the image from an 20cm to 30cm” plaster model.
Ming Dynasty Bronze "Hong Wu Tong Bao" (洪武通寶) With Doubled Die Variety
Sometimes, when a die is created, the hub will accidentally create two images on the coin, which will usually appear as a slight, overlapping misalignment of the same design twice on part of the coin.

Sometimes, the doubling will be quite extreme. In other cases, the doubling is barely noticeable.
How Much Are Doubled Die Coins Worth?
The value of doubled die coins depends greatly on the popularity of a given piece. In many cases, the news media has publicized the discovery of a doubled die. In other situations, a certain doubled die will have a sort of cult following within the greater hobby of coin collecting. In many cases though, a doubled die coin is worth a certain value largely because it made the news and became a well-known and widely desired coin.


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