A Hardcore collector of China Silver Dollar ?.
I feel like I'm not doing something good enough when it comes to the Hardcore collector quest. I keep trying it over and over to explain to her without getting anything. I'm getting frustrated with her quests, and I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced similar results.
She called me few weeks ago. She told me she was told by someone to call me and she believed I can authenticate her very expensive China Silver Dollar. She send to me photos on obverse and reverse of a China Silver Dollar. (Above).

I replied to her, it was a counterfeit China Silver Dollar. She asked me why & what are the reasons that I am so certain. I took couple of minutes to explain to her. She refused to accept, in return she asked me questions with professional terminology ( I believed she read on Internet) on design details on the dragon of her coin, she believed it is a variety that I have not seen before.

I forward to her copies of photos that I shot from my three pieces of similar forgery China Silver Dollar (below) in my collection for education purposes. She replied to me that my coins were forgery and her coin is still genuine.
Counterfeit. Dickson Niew Collection for Education Purposes.
Counterfeit. Dickson Niew Collection for Education Purposes.
Then I send her some photos of genuine China Silver Dollar that was displayed in National Museum of Shanghai, China. She said there were counterfeit, her coin is still the genuine piece. I choose to ignored her.
National Museum. Shanghai, China.
National Museum, Shanghai, China.
Few days later, she showed up in my Dickson Niew Collection shop at Subang Jaya with her husband. They were from Kedah.

I took a serious looked on her coin, weighed it, compared with three similar forgery coins that I have, explained and showed her husband and her how to detect a counterfeit China Silver Dollar but to no avail, both of them still believed that their coin is a genuine coin and maybe a gold one.

I encouraged them to go to other dealers for second opinion. Before they leave my shop, they told me that's is an offered from China, a collector from China offered to pay them RMB1,000,000 for their coin. I wish them good luck !!

Later, I found out that they came to me with one mission, they want me to acknowledge and agree to what they believe. God bless !

Happy Niewmiamatics !


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