He Got Frustrated When He Failed To Have My Acknowledgement.
Again, I feel like I'm not doing something good enough when it comes to a "Hardcore" collector quest. I keep trying over and over to explain to him about the authenticity of his Acheh gold coins. He just ignored. I'm getting frustrated with him, and I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced similar results from him.

He said his name is Longson. He was strongly recommended by Dato Raymond to visit me to do an authentication and valuation on his two pieces of Acheh gold Kupang. I think Dato Raymond (dealer) must had enough of nonsense from him and find a good excuse to send him away.

Mr.Longson showed me two pieces of Acheh gold Kupang in plastic capsule, he said he already approached many dealers and collectors, nobody can tell him the value of his Acheh gold coins. So he came to make his own conclusion that his coins must be the unlisted coins, very rare and very valuable.
There were the gold kupang of Samudera-Pasai Sultanah gold coins.  I told him I used to sell them for RM250 to RM300 per piece.  I also cautious him about the counterfeits. He asked me to find out more details about his coins. I took out my J. Laytan's  Acheh Gold Coinage reference book, I managed to find out the details of his coins. I showed him and briefed him some background of his coins. I also explained to him some basic methods of how to detect a forgery gold kupang of Acheh, Johor and other Malay States of gold Kupang by its weight, font of the Arabic inscription and the color of the gold coin.

I found out that Mr. Longson was not keen to learn, instead he keeps on trying to proof that his coins were different from those coins listed on the book. I took the trouble to pack his coins with coin holders and wrote down its codes and prescriptions, weight and diameter. I suggested to him with the details written on the paper holders he can go to get for a second opinion.
After almost an hours of my effort, Mr. Longson decided to remove my paper coin holders with full details. He put his necked coins back to his plastic capsules. Instead he asked and wanted me to show him my most expensive coins in my collections. I ignored him.

Again, I found out that he came to me with one mission, he wanted me to acknowledge and agree to what he believed. God bless !


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