Malaysia Rim Clip Error Coins.


Malaysia.1985.50 Cents.
Rim Clip Error.Obverse.
(Dickson Niew Collection)
Malaysia.1985.50 Cents.
Rim Clip Error.Reverse.
(Dickson Niew Collection)

Blakesley Effect.

Missing Alphabets."A&L"
The missing alphabets "A&L" from the world "MALAYSIA" happened on the lettered edge at the spot where the deformed rim was found.


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  2. Hi Dickson,
    Reeded security and plain reeded edged coins are struck together with their obverse and reverse together in 1 single process.In this case, the clip planchet coins shouldn't be affected since the coins are not rotated and the third collar is fixed.I have 1 piece which the edge is perfectly fine on the Blakesley effect area.
    For lettered incuse edge, the coins have to go through another machine with the impeller wheel which drives it to the die that strikes the edge.
    It means that when the obverse and reverse are being struck, the third collar die is a blank. They are being sucked up and feed randomly into the impeller machine for striking the edge.

    Randomly fed means that the coin's lettered edged may be randomly struck starting from any single starting point or even upside down.So the orientation of the letters is not an error. You may now check all the 50 sen coins to confirm this random striking of the edge.

    Stack them up facing one direction and view their edges which is all over the places.
    So, clip planchets error would be probably affected with weak edge strikes if this machine is in place.
    The impeller machine acts just like the upsetting mill which would have to rotate the coin for striking. That probably accounts for your subject coin's weak or totally absent letters on the edge.
    Technology is still changing and presently we have edged striking machines that upset the rim simultaneously before the main striking.

  3. Dear Nu,I personally like your comments which are very technical and easy for me to understand.I also agreed with you that presently we have edged striking machines that upset the rim simultaneously before the main striking,because I have two pieces of 50 cents planchet with raised rim and lettered edge.Hoping to find one without lettered edge.Help!Help!