USA Transitional Error Coin.


An USA.Lincoln cent struck in the wrong metal at the Denver Mint in 1943, has been sold for a world's record price of USD1,700,000.00 by Legend Numismatics of Lincroft, New Jersey on September 2010.

USA.1943.One Cent.(Bronze).
Transitional Errors.Obverse.

In United State, many numismstist considered this 1943"Copper"Cent to be the "King of Mint Error".Only 20 pcs known.How it happens?

A few bronze planchets from the previous year were remained in tote bins that transported new planchets to the coining presses.These leftover bronze planchets eventually worked themselves loose from the inside of the tote bins and found their way into the mint press, where they were struck from 1943-dated dies which were intended
for the zinc-coated steel used that year to conserve copper for World War II.Most of the 1943 pennies are steel-gray in colour.

The 1943 One Cents Coin struck on bronze planchets are known from three United State Mints that were operational that year.There are:
-14 examples of the 1943-P (Philadelphia Mint)Bronze Cent,
-4 examples of the 1943-S(San Francisco Mint) Bronze Cent,and just
-1example of the 1943-D(Denver Mint)Bronze Cent.

Auction prices realized for some of these rare errors from the late 1990s and early years of the 21st century ranged from USD75,000.00 to USD200,000.00 per piece.

Malaysia .1976.One Cent.(Copper)
Transional Errors.Obverse.
(Dickson Niew collection)
They called this the "Transitional Errors".It occurs when a coin is struck on a planchet from a previous year with different metal composition.Is extreamly rare.

In Malaysia,the very similar case happened to 1976 One Cent Copper coins. Less than 100 pcs known to be existed.

Malaysia .1976.One Cent.(Copper)
Transional Errors.Reverse.
(Dickson Niew collection)


  1. Wow, a US 1943 one cent bronze!
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    As for your Malaysia 1976 1sen copper, "Our hats off to you, Dickson."
    Wonder when we ever have a chance to own one like yours, haha.
    Thanks alot for sharing, Dickson :)

  2. Dear whycollect,I do have one of the USA 1943 one cent UNC coin minted in Denver Mint,but is in zinc clad steel.Haha,at least got something lah!

  3. Hi Dickson,
    A zinc clad steel instead.
    Hehe, at least you're making some headway towards fulfilling your dream.
    Best of Luck, Dickson :)

  4. wow...i just can see and read the info here...
    very nice and awesome collection Niew...

  5. Dear Sabri,you can if you think you can!