Malaysia Wrong Planchet Stock Errors.


The Wrong Planchet Stock Errors.
It occurs when clad coinage strip rolled to the thickness of one denomination is fed into the blanking press of another denomination; the diameter is correct, but the thickness is thicker or thinner than normal.In this case,is thinner.

Malaysia.1973.20 Cents.Obverse.
Wrong Planchet Stock Errors.
(Dickson Niew Collection)

Malaysia.1973.20 Cents.Reverse.
Wrong Planchet Stock Errors.
(Dickson Niew Collection)

One Side With Milled Edge.
Thickness: 1.20mm. (Norml:1.86mm).

One Side Without Milled Edge.
Thickness: 1.20mm. (Norml:1.86mm).

Weight: 3.82gm. (Normal: 5.65gm).
Diameter: 23.30mm. (Normal: 23.50mm).
Thickness: 1.20mm. (Norml:1.86mm).

RSP: RM499.00



  1. Wow this is really unique. Wonder if it is possible to acquire this among our circulation coins. Who knows, very lucky. hehe

  2. Hi mnfaj and Dickson,
    So far we have not been lucky enough to locate such type of error among the loose change or circulation coins.
    At times, make us wonder, actually is there even the slightest possibility of finding one of these in the loose change.
    Haha for us, we didn't ever since we first collecting errors.
    You really lucky man la, Dickson.
    You managed to get so many extraordinary errors.
    May you continue to be lucky.
    And don't forget to share them with us lor.
    Cheers :)

  3. Dear mnfaj & whycollect,
    30% of my errors come from the loose change or circulation coins.
    30% come from my friends and the balance paid solid cash to get good discounts from coin collectors and dealers!
    I am not that lucky lah!!haha!

  4. Hi Dickson and mnfaj,
    Yes, you are right.
    99% of our major errors come from hard earned cash, haha.
    But glad to say that 99% of minor errors and varieties come from our own patience and perseverance, hehe.
    Cheers :)