Malaysia Bunga Raya Series1998 20 Cents With Double Curved Clip Errors.

This is a Malaysia Bunga Raya series 1998 20 cents with double curved clips. This is a nice example with a large curved clip at about 9:00 o'clock accompanied by an other large curved clip at about 3:00 o'clock on the obverse and reverse.

The error occurs when a blank is punched out from an area of strip that overlaps holes from where  blanks were previously punched out.

Many curved clips are faked by punching the curved clip out with a common punch.Collectors should take time to learn the diagnostics of this class of error due to the ease and frequency in which they are faked.

No matter what class of clip is involved, in many cases, the rim opposite the clip will be flat and poorly formed. This effect is known within the hobby as the "Blakesley effect" and occurs due to the absence of pressure in that area during the upsetting process.


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