Malaysia Genting Casino Fake $1000 Gaming Token

I was told this forgery Genting gaming tokens were used in the early 90's during one of the Chinese New Year when many people were flooding the Genting Casino. A group of people from a syndicate trying to cheat Genting Casino during Chinese New Year hoping that  the casino cashiers will be too busy and more relax to check these fake tokens. How ever Genting Casino's security system are too good for them to break through.

They were rumours claimed that these fake Genting gaming tokens were made in Taiwan but some said in South Thailand,some even said there were made in Penang, because they saw stacks of these fake tokens were sold on offer price as souvenirs in the street of Penang some years back.

Looking at this token, it is not a Ah Meng or Ah Lian's products, it was a hi-tech production. It was produced in multi colours and bonded with two material,plastic and aluminium combined.

One of my sifu told me he had also seen a $500 Genting fake gaming token. Do you have any? I hope to collect a complete set with all denominations.


  1. Hai sir Dickson, how can we tell if it is a fake or not?

  2. Hi Mr. Danny,
    Simple! The centre plate are of low quality finishing, or ask your friend who used to visit Genting Casino ! Haha!

  3. I also seen a fake and the original of the Chip, It was actually very easy to determine the fake and the original, low quality chips are those that are fake.
    Jean | Online Casino Malaysia