Malay States Patani-Kelantan Sultanate Gold Kijang Kupang Coin SS53
During my recent trip to Singapore to attend the Singapore International Coin Fair 2015, I was approached by a Singapore senior collector of Malay States Sultanate coinages. He showed me a Patani-Kelantan Gold Kijang Kupang (SS53). It was still in NGC grading company packaging but was not encapsulated.

On a small card, it was labeled as "(UNDATED) MALAY G1K(It means Gold 1 Kupang), PATANI- KELANTAN -KIJANG ***NOT ENCAPSULATED*** INELIGIBLE TYPE" by NGC.

I was puzzled why this SS53 Patani-Kelantan Gold Kijang Kupang was not graded by NGC. This is an original gold Kijang Kupang with a humped bull/Kijang (deer) facing left with the tail raised ending in a flourish on the obverse.

On the reverse is with Arabic inscription " Malik Al Adil" (The Just Ruler). The inscription "Adil" ends in a flourish.
It was very similar to the SS52 Gold Kijang Kupang but it is a different style of bull/Kijang. That is a "dot" at the central position of the coin, the "dot" is located below the stomach/belly of the bull/Kijang. This is a very early type that is rather difficult to obtain.

It makes me to wonder, shall we send our Malay States Sultanate numismatic items to be graded by the them? Send to the graders in NGC that they don't understand the inscription written in Arabic on our Malay States Sultanate coinages? Send to someone that they don't know the history of our Malay States Sultanate coinages? Send to somebody that they don't take the initiative to refer to Master Saran Singh's " The Encyclopaedia of THE COINS OF MALAYSIA SINGAPORE AND BRUNEI 1400-1967". (Read more: http:// html#ixzz3 Wj01PyNy).

We knew that there are many counterfeits exists, it happens to "popular" coinages. We send to NGC  to certain its grade with one of the main purpose is to authenticate its authenticity. To avoid any mistake, they just labeled your coins as "INELIGIBLE TYPE". And this is not the first time.

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