Malaysia Numismatic Society Auction 152. (24-06-2012).Part 6.
More items listed SPECIALLY for your  pre viewing!

Lot    Qty    Particulars                                        Grade       Reserve Price         
No.                                                                                               (RM)

100.      1      Malaysia 1971 10 cts   GEF       RM120
                     (Circulation variety) 
                                                Realised Price: RM600

                                               Lot:100                                 Lot:101

101.      1      Malaysia 1971 10 cts        GVF      RM80
                     (Circulation variety)                       
                                                                          Realised Price: RM400

102.      1      Malaysia 1967 50 cts   Milled Edge.     AEF              RM1000
                                                                           Realised Price: RM1000

                                    Lot:102 Obverse                                 Lot:103 Obverse

                                       Lot:103 Reverse                              Lot:102 Reverse

103.      1      Malaysia 1967 50 cts   Partial Collar Die Strike Error
                     (80% Milled Edge and 20% Security Edged)   VF      RM300
                                                                           Realised Price: RM500
(80% Milled Edge and 20% Security Edged)

104.      2      Malaysia 1984,50 cts  Filled Die Error.   UNC           RM120
                                                                           Realised Price: RM120
105.      3      Malaysia 1967(AEF),1968(UNC),1969(AU) 50 cts   RM200
                                                                            Realised Price: RM350
                                    1969                               1968                                 1967

106.      1      Malaysia 1973 50 cts Collar Die Strike Error   EF       RM40
                                                             Lot:106  Realised Price: RM40
                                                 Lot:106                                    Lot:107
 107.      1      Malaysia 1973 50 cts Broadstrike Error         GEF      RM30
                     With stained on reverse.                    Realised Price: RM30
108.      3      Malaysia 1973,1976,1982 20 cts           AU/UNC       RM100
                     Broadstrike Error                              Realised Price: RM180
                                   1973                            1976                                 1982
                                    1982                              1976                                  1973

109.      2      Malaysia 1967 10 cts (VF) Double Rim Clip Error
                     and 1968  20 cts (AU) Rim Clip Error.        UNC          RM40

                                    1967 10 Cents         Lot:109                           1968 20 Cents
                                        1968                                                          1967
110.      1      Malaysia 1973 10 cts Double Rim Clip,                        RM50
                     Broadstrike Error,Plain Edge             Realised Price: RM50
                                Lot:110                             Reverse                         Lot:111

                                   Lot:110                             Obverse                         Lot:111

111.      1      Malaysia 1976 10 cts                               GVF             RM30
                    Partial Indent Error .Plain Edge

112.      2      Malaysia 1976,1977 20 cts
                     Partial Indent  Error                                    EF              RM50
                                                                    Lot 112 and Lot:113
113.     2      Malaysia  1973,1976 (with light stained),      EF             RM80
                    10 cts  15% Off Centre Error,Plain Edge.
                                                                           Realised Price: RM130
114.      1      Malaysia  5 cts  Uniface Error                      GF              RM80
                                                                                Realised Price: RM80
                                         Lot 114
115.      2      Malaysia  5 cts (1.2gm) and 10 cts (1.8gm),
                   Split Planchet Before Strike. Extra Thin.        EF              RM120
                                                                              Realised Price: RM140

116 .     1      Malaysia 5 cts 1978                                    EF              RM60
                     Broadstrike Error, Plain  Edge.           Realised Price: RM60
                                    Lot:116                                                           Lot:117

117.      1      Malaysia 10 cts 1989                                  UNC            RM40
                     Double Curve Clip Error. 

118.      2      Sarawak,Copper 1896 Cent GVF                                   RM80
                     and 1934 10 cts  EF .                        Realised Price: RM120
119.      3      Straits Settlements,Comtemporary Forgery,  Fine             RM50
                    1926 10 cts,1958 and 1961 50 cts.       Realised Price: RM50

120.      2      British North Borneo 2 1/2 cts, 1903            EF               RM80
                                                                                Realised Price: RM150
                                         Lot:120 (21)   and Lot:121(22)
121.      2      British North Borneo,2 1/2 cts 1903,EF                           RM30
                     and 5 cts 1941.      GEF                         Realised Price: RM120


To Be Continued...........



  1. Hi Dickson,
    Notice the reserve prices listed above look very reasonable.
    Hope more bidders will appear this time with such attractive prices.
    Thanks again Dickson :)

  2. walauweh.... 10 sen 1971 variety ka?
    Mesti hot ni....

  3. Hi whycollect,
    Most of the coin items came from a late collector from Johore,his wife just want to "clear" his collections at any prices in the MNS auction.

  4. Hi lunaticg,
    Welcome home from the east!
    Hope to see you in the auction!

  5. Guys, just wondering since im new. Do these items come with certificate of authenticity?

  6. Sugar Coated Candyman,
    Only some of these items were graded by US grading house!However,MNS grading committee also do our lever best to grade those items by professional way!

  7. Hello sifu Dickson. I was amazed to see the auction going on for the Item No.100 which is the 10 sen 1971 Circulated. The bid went so fast to reach an astonishing price of RM600.00
    It was really exciting to see it happen in person.
    Worth an experience.

  8. Hi Umesh,
    I saw you there but so sorry for not being able to say hello to you,how ever I managed to catch you on my camera !
    Happy to see you attending the auction and "thrilled" yourself for the first time in auction.
    Happy Niewmismatic!!

  9. Hello sifu. Actually i attended auction before as well. Just that i normally remain behind the crowd unnoticed.
    Yes, i did see the latest blog whereby you caught me on your camera.
    I did saw you over there, very busy bidding, taking photo shots that's why i also did not get the chance to approach you as well.
    Happy Niewmismatic as well sifu. TC

  10. Hi Umesh ,
    Hope to see you at my Dickson Niew Collection Corner,Subang Jaya.