Board Of Commissioners Of Currency Malaya & British Borneo $10.00 Banknotes With Mismatched Serial Numbers


MBB $10

One or more numerals of one serial number may not exactly match the same numerals of a second serial number overprinted on the obverse or reverse of a note.Serial numbers are commonly applied to a note after the face and back designs have already been completed.The serials numbers are usually added by a pair of counting wheels manually set and then automatically advanced as a new sheet is moved into position.

MBB $10
MBB $10

To a far lesser extent,the prefix letter that begins a serial number or the suffix letter at the end may mismatched from one serial number to the other on the same note. A mismatched serial number or prefix (or suffix) letter is sometimes caused when the two counting wheels are not initially set to a accurately coinside with one another. In this case, notes on subsequent sheets will have mismatched serial numbers until the error (which is not always immediately apparent) is first discovered and rectified.

MBB $10

This uncirculated Malaya & British Borneo $10 Banknote,1st March 1961,signed by Tun Tan Siew Sin ( The formal Financial Chairman),printed by Thomas De La Rue is a mismatched serial numbers caused by a stuck digit.It was shown to me by my newly met numismatic's friend when I was attending the Numismatic Society (Asia) Singapore Auction on 20-04-2013 recently.

Thank you Mr.Sum (Singapore) for sharing. 


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