Sifus visit My Shop "Dickson Niew Collection Corner".

Last Friday, my shop the " Dickson Niew Collection Corner " at Subang Jaya was visited by the master of JIM notes, Mr Wong Hon Sum, he is the sole author of the book "THE JAPANESE OCCUPATION OF MALAYA (SINGAPORE) AND ITS CURRENCY".

He came to deliver to me items that bidded by Malaysian numismatists during his recent Numismatic Society (Asia)'s auction in Singapore.(20-04-2013).

By coincidence, Mr.T C Ng, a serious local banknotes numismatist also visited me to collect his bidded items.He is also a good friend of Mr.Wong Hon Sum. Both of them were having a couple hours of good chat in my shop.

An other lucky numismatist is Mr.R. Pannirselvam,a young but serious coin collector, he came from Perak.He arrived at 12.30pm at my shop and was surprised and exciting to meet Mr. Wong. He was quick enough to picked a copy of Mr.Wong Hon Sum's "THE JAPANESE OCCUPATION OF MALAYA (SINGAPORE) AND ITS CURRENCY" (hard cover) from my sale counter and got Mr.Wong's autograph on the spot.


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