S.M. Alsagoff  Constantinople Estate, Kukup, Johore 1878 One Dollar Banknote


One of my senior numismatist friend from down South is sharing with my Blog visitors his rare piece of Johore private paper currency issued on 1st of May 1878 by Constantinople Estate, Kukup in Johore by Tuan Syed Muhaammad bin Ahmad Alsagoff for their employees to use within the estates.

It was a hand written signatures and with rubber stamped serial numbers. On the reverse of the notes is blank with a small sign of rhombus design printed at the center of the notes. It was printed in black by the Al'Sa'aidi Press of Singapore.

A piece of similar notes with serial numbered 170 was listed  in Mr.Steven Tan and Frank Goon's catalog and  an other piece stamped with serial number: 95 was listed in KN Boon's catalog, both were measured at 127mm X 106mm in size. This piece is carrying the serial number of 96 and measured at 147mm X 110mm in size.

This Johore private paper currency is already 135 years old.


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