$1.00 (1971-1986) FORGERY ERROR COINS

PMJ Shenanigans Produce PMJ Coins As They Like
I am wondering, is it the popular Die Variety "Twin Tower" 2009 5 cents coin inspired these PMJ Shenanigans to produce " Twin Parliament House", "Twin Star",.........?
The PMJ Shenanigans become very innovative to deface post mint coins.
I sincerely invite them to visit the website of Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) and find out how serious is the punishment to deface a coin still in legal tender. Under the BNM Act. : 20 years in Prison upon conviction. I hope dealers are aware of the punishment.Don't be surprise, actually the BNM officers are around in the market to investigate.

This coin exhibits many signs of Post Mint Strikes. You can see many details were deformed due to extra pressure. The PMJ Shananigans valued this $1.00 PMJ error coin for more then one thousand dollars.Please don't buy them, it is just a damaged coin.No value in numismatic.


  1. Looks like they rebuilt the US World Trade Center.

  2. Hi Anonymous,
    Our "architects" are more innovative.Rebuilt a 3-D Malaysia Version of US World Trade Center.The Stars are the protective shield! State of art! Haha! Cheers!

  3. Look like will impact the demand for other real error in the market as it is confusion for some collector btw ori error and the pmj....coin

  4. Wong, I am also a error coin collector. But I prefer to look for it myself. It gives me great pleasure if I find out. Recently I found one 2007 20 sen coin in BU condition with a thinner planchet and no milled edge over three-quarter of the rim in a coffee shop. And no, I don't think these PMJ shenanigans will win in the long run. If you are a serious error coin collector, you should seek proper advice from a reliable source. Dickson Niew is a very good source.

  5. Hi Wong,
    If you got the right set of mind to seek for genuine error coins, you will not be bothered by these unscrupulous PMJ shenanigans.Cheers!

  6. Hi Anonymous,
    Thank you so much for your positive comments! Totaly agreed with you,always seek proper advice from a reliable source.

  7. Nice article Dickson. After careful observation, I think I know how these were PMJ-ed.

    Thanks. Keep up the good work.

    From : Gilbert C.

  8. Hi Gilbert C.
    Tqvm and congrates to you for getting your ANA Diploma.Cheers!