$1.00 (1989-1996) FORGERY ERROR COINS

 More And More Forgery Error Coins.

"So what? This means i make more money. Haha thats why i make more money than you. Sometimes i have sales of up to Rm12000 a day. I dont think you can beat that bro."

That is the comments I received on my post published on 12th August 2013 entitled "POST MINT JOB ERROR COINS ON BUNGA RAYA SERIES".
I think that's the reason the unscrupulous counterfeiters are producing more varieties of Post Mint Job (PMJ) error coins faster then I can disclose.
I realized and I should not explain in details how to detect these PMJ error coins, because I am in directly also teaching these unscrupulous counterfeiters to improve their "products" closer to a genuine error coins.
I am only going to publish more photos of PMJ error coins, and if you encounter such error coins, please do not buy them.Good luck.


  1. You can fool all people for some time, some people for all time but not all people for all the time. So, PMJ shenanigans beware. Dickson, I absolutely agree with you. Don't provide the details. Just keep your customers and friends aware of what is happening and see who would have the last laugh. Again, thank you for the information.

    1. Hi Anonymous,
      Loved your phase " You can fool all people for some time, some people for all time but not all people for all the time."
      Thank you very much for your good support and comments.Do allow me to "Pinjam" your words "PMJ shenanigans" in my future articles. Thank you in advance.
      Happy Niewmismatic!

  2. Hai, Mr.Dickson

    Saya peminat die clash error. Lebih-lebih lagi multiple die clash. Die Clash pada syiling di atas, betul-betul kelihatan pelik sangat terutama di bahagian XXXX. Ala-ala rotated die clash lagi!. Tetapi memang betul bukan semua orang boleh ditipu. Terima kasih dengan pendedahan beberapa syiling error PMJ yang telah disiarkan.

  3. Terima kasih nsdk. Lama tak contact. Salam Aidil Fitri.
    Harap pada MNS Auction 157 yang akan berlangsung pada 29hb September ini kita boleh " Clash"!!