1 st Series Malaysia Proof Coins Set Of 5 Pieces.1967.
Four days ago, popular Blogger, in his post : "The Encyclopedia of the coins of Malaysia Singapore & Brunei" , talked about the book that I am selling, a scanned, bounded,reprint quality book of  The Encyclopedia of the coins of Malaysia Singapore & Brunei by Master Saran Singh that sold at  RM250.
Mr. Lunaticg (Facebook-Gila Lunaticg) in the same article was claiming that he was very lucky that morning because he got to meet a very pretty girl who came to my "Dickson Niew Collection Corner" shop at Subang Jaya. That aroused our beloved Dato' Sharuddin of Galeri Sha Banknote eager to know who was the "very pretty girl" that our good friend Mr. Lunaticg had met. Dato' Sharuddin called me the very next morning................
I think Mr.Lunaticg had forgotten to put up his spectacles that morning. No doubt "she" is still very pretty, but "she" is already 46 years old. "She" has the original beauty, bright, friendy,elegant, majestic, impressive look,"she" is superb and very very beautiful inside and out, like  Datuk Siti Nurhaliza."She" is a ultra cameo pretty "LADY" !
So, who is "She" ?
 "She" is the official Malaysia 1967 5-piece Choice Proof Coin Set. Launched on June.6.1967.
Original Official Box

"She" comes in its original dark blue box by Bank Negara."She" was "born"/ minted by Royal Mint of London in 1967 in a very limited issue.The mintage was only 500 sets, therefore,"She" was extremely scarce and seldom seen on the market. All 5 pieces coins in the box were well protected in a very unique freckled plastic packing.Although all coins were already 46 years packed with the whitish spots freckled plastic used by the London Royal Mint, the lustre were still in perfect condition. Even the most fragile copper cent is still in mint condition.
1967 50 Cents Proof Reverse
1967 50 Cents Proof. Obverse

1967 20 Cents Proof. Reverse
1967 20 Cents Proof. Obverse

1967 10 Cents Proof. Reverse
1967 10 Cents Proof. Obverse

 1967 5 Cents Proof. Reverse
1967 5 Cents Proof .Obverse

1967 1 Cent.Proof. Reverse
1967 1 Cent Proof. Obverse
A set of  such Malaysia 1967 5-piece Proof Coin, with NGC graded 1 cent (PF64RB);5 Cents (PF64 Ultra Cameo);10 Cents(PF64 Ultra Cameo);20 Cents (PF64 Ultra Cameo);50 Cents (PF63 Ultra Cameo) was put in Numismatic Society (Asia) Auction,Singapore in 20th April 2013 and was realised at SD2,200.(Excluding Buyer's Premium of 15%).

As claimed by many very senior numismatists, this set is one of the most original set and in very good condition.


  1. Salam sejahtera semua
    Ha.ha.ha. ini dia anak dara tu ya ..
    Memang cantik sekali dan tak pernah dilihat lagi
    dimana-mana blog atau koleksi peribadi.
    Koleksi set Proof 1967 yang amat luar biasa.

    Tuan Dickson... ini ada dara 46 tahun saya mau pinang
    atau kalau ada dia punya kembar siam bagi tahu saya.
    bagi duduk sama saya , tak tahan meleleh air liur .

    1. Hi Dato Sharuddin Yusof,
      Kalau Pinang boleh dibelah dua , pasti saya berkongsi sama!
      Beli dulu sebiji Mangkuk Dynasti Ming untuk sambut air liur yang meleleh tak henti-henti, nanti banjir Bandar Jengka!Haha!
      Sudah ada utusan meminang kerabat karib dari negeri bawah angin.

  2. Salam 1Numismatik

    Tn Sifu Dniew..

    Tanam Pinang Rapat-Rapat
    Biar Senang Puyuh Belari..
    Ku Nak Pinang Tentu Tak Dapat
    Kerna Bajet Ku Tak Mencukupi..

    HuuWaa.. HHU.. Waa..
    awat anak dara ni muncul masa ni..


  3. Hi @$me68PG.,
    Tak apa, saya izin @$me68PG. "Cut and Paste" gambar-gambar dalam post saya ini. Haha!
    Cukup 1Numismatikkan ?

  4. Hi

    Need some help from you . Recently I have one question , how to identify a proof coin which in heavy circulation. By using higher magnification lenses is it possible to identified?

    Thanks in Advance

  5. Hi Anonymous,
    The proof coin is always with mirror finished on field and matt or blurr designs.Strike is always very sharp in details.

    1. Thank you very much !!! Got It !!