Near Perfect Forgery Sarawak 1900H And 1906H 50 Cents Silver Coins
It really took me a while to think and figure out the best ways to show my Blog visitors how to detect this near perfect forgery Sarawak 1900H and 1906H 50 Cents silver coins. The differences between the original and the forgery coins are so fine that I find difficulty to show by photography images.
So, please do not ask me to show you in clear or sharp images on those tiny differences as my camera is not a Pro-series. I thought I can ask my customer cum friend; brother Xiaxun Ong who is good in using Pro-camera to help me to take some sharp close-up images, only realised that these two coins are no more in my custody.My thousand apologies.

However, I will show you a few ways how to check its authenticity.
1) Toning, the silver toning is too "fresh" and "bright".
2) The unscrupulous counterfeiters try to make these coins look more seasoned ;aged and genuine, they will "create" some hairlines and tiny scratches on the surface of the coin. You will find that these hairlines and scratches are too "new", the scratches are too fresh and bright.
3) If you place these two (1900H and 1906H) 50 Cents silver coins side by side, you will find that there were formed by a same mould.A close inspection will find a few minor error similarity on the details.
4) I was told by a very senior sifu, from his experience, the milled or reeded edge on a genuine coin should have a  deeper square incused lines and not a shallow "V" shape incused lines.
 It really amazed me is these two forgery coins are having the same weight of 13.57gm (another is 13.56gm) as the original piece. I think the unscrupulous counterfeiters are using the "recycle" .800 Silver to produce these coins. Likely, there were  the product of MIC (Made in China ).

I seek your cooperation to supply me more information on ways to detect such forgeries.


  1. i also was conned once. It look so real on picture, at least until i received it. My piece is definitely not 0.8 silver, don't know how to describe but the coin just look like dead to me.


  2. Hi Anonymous,
    In future, always make a side agreement with the seller, if it is not a genuine coin, you can ask for refund.If the seller don't agreed, just call off the deal.Don't take risk!