Queen Victoria 1889 50 Cents Forgery Silver Coin.

On 13th July 2013, a piece of very rare Queen Victoria 1889 50 Cents Silver Coin, graded by PCGS grading house at MS63,was auctioned with a realised price of SD70,000 at Coins Auction by Mavin International Pte Ltd Singapore.
Last year, when I visited Bangkok Auction in August, I was shown by a Singaporean numismatist with  a piece of forgery Queen Victoria 1889 50 Cents Silver Coin. It was a piece of near perfect forgery coin.I was taught by a few very kind numismatists; ways of detecting a forgery Queen Victoria 1889 50 Cents Silver Coin.
When I came back to Malaysia, I got few chances to view an other four pieces of such forgery coin. A very senior numismatist was so kind to give me a piece. He bought it for US100 when he was in US.He told me his intention to buy this forgery Queen Victoria 1889 50 Cents Silver Coin is to study the differences compared with an original coin. I was lucky and feel thankful to inherit his collection by free.
Many people had tried their luck by sending this forgery Queen Victoria 1889 50 Cents Silver Coin to United States grading houses hoping to get one graded.Of course, there were all returned labelled forgery.
These are few ways that I was taught how to detect a forgery Queen Victoria 1889 50 Cents Silver Coin.
1) The silver toning is very artificial.It looks new and raw.
2) The surface on the coin will not give you a "Smooth" and "Sticky" feel.
3) The hair on Queen Victoria's head are blur and shallow.
4) The beads surrounded the denomination "50" always stick or attach to each an other.
5) The horizontal lines within the number "5" and "0" are always not neat and even.
6) The dentils at the rim are always in odd shapes and sizes.
Please be very vigilant when you want to buy this coin.


  1. dear dickson sifu
    i see some other QV coins from different years with beads stick together and the horizontal lines in the 50 not uniform also graded as genuine by NGC...

    1. Hi Anonymous,
      Do make sure that is the genuine "NGC".
      Good luck.

  2. Checking the beads is only one of the way to authenticate a genuine coin. You have to cross checking with a few methods.