The British Empire Collection 1979 (Collection Of Steven Tan)
A Century of Empire.
The finest stamps of the British Empire struck gold on solid sterling silver.
For a century the British reigned supreme over a quarter of this age produced, the Empire postage stamps stand out for the richness and variety of their design.
From Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth II, this great Empire, created by men of energy, vision and enterprise, is now commemorated in a valuable collection of rare and beautiful gold-plated solid silver stamps. 
The British Empire Collection.
Each set of the British Empire Collection contains 25 solid sterling silver stamps, gilded in pure gold. Identical in size to the original postage stamp, each proof quality replica is 2.2mm thick and is hallmarked at the London Assay Office.
Executed in the finest detail, the British Empire Collection represents an outstanding example of the die maker's art. As a lasting and tangible reminder of an inspiring age, this Collection captures the spirit and wonderful variety of the Empire.

Strictly Limited Issue.
The total number of complete sets of the British Empire Collection to be released throughout Great Britain is strictly limited to only 5,000.
Set No.1 will be permanently housed in the British National Postal Museum.
Throughout the rest of the English speaking world the issue will also be strictly limited to only 5,000 sets. No further sets will ever be issued.

The British National Postal Museum London.
After the Empire Collection has been complete, the dies will be defaced and housed in the National Postal Museum along with the dies from all previous issue struck by the minters, Hallmark Replicas Limited.
The 25 gilded silver stamps chosen for this collection vary considerably in size, however the issued price per replica was USD118.00 (RM354)

This set is a personal collection of Master Steven Tan. 


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