Malaysia 3rd Series (1976-1981) $50 Banknotes With Printed Fold Errors.
Rarity: RRR

A Malaysia 3rd Series 1976-1981 $50 banknote,signatured by Bank Negara Governor Tun Ismail Bin Mohamed Ali.It was printed by Bradbury Wilkinson & Co. with a printed (exterior) folding errors.
A Cutting and Folding Error was earlier described as occurring when a sheet of currency paper is folded over or bent back upon itself after the notes on the sheet have first been fully printed.When the sheet is ultimately cut, the additional folded or bent portion remains attached to and stays with the note after it has been cut from the sheet. Sometimes,rather than being folded after the printing process is completed, a currency sheet will be folded prior to entering a press to receive its design or overprint.
In this case, some or all of the design or overprint will be printed directly on the fold instead of the note covered by the fold.When the sheet is ultimately cut into individual notes and printed fold is unfolded and revealed, the printing intended for one side of the note and intercepted by the fold winds up on the opposite side. A blank area is left on that portion of the note covered by the foldover prior to unfolding.
(Ref:World Paper Money Errors by Morland C. Fischer.)
This note is more unique because the error was not a fully Cutting and Folding Errors,neither it can be called a 100% Printed (Exterior) Fold Errors.The foldover or front folded error happened during the printing process, there is after the background design on the obverse of the note was printed. The blank area covered by the foldover at the top-left position on the obverse of the note exhibits some background design,and the front folded "flag" was absent with background details.


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