Rare Malaysia 1976 Sen (Cent) Copper / Bronze NGC MS 66 RD Gem UNC Finest Known 

Since 03-Nov-13 05:30:47 PST, a piece of  Rare Malaysia 1976 Sen (Cent) Copper / Bronze graded with NGC MS 66 RD in Gem UNC condition and  finest known was listed on http://www.ebay.com for bidding.

This was the promo by the owner:
Item : Malaysia 1976 Sen Copper / Bronze NGC MS 66 RD
Professionally graded by NGC. FINEST known (at the moment of listing).
Rare Malaysia Transitional Error Copper Cent, Please do not mistaken this for the normal 1976 circulating copper-cladded steel sen.
Based on Steven Tan's catalogue, less than 100 known to exist. Rare coin and in this GEM UNC (MS66RD) condition!!!
How often will you be presented with this likely once in a lifetime opportunity to own a piece of rare coin, what's more in brilliant gem UNC condition?
Last recored transacted price based on Liveauctioneers.com, an NGC graded MS65RD transacted for slightly more than SGD$3000 (inclusive of premium)
Records of bidding:
Bidders: 10
Bids: 29Time
Ended: Nov-10-13 05:30:47 PST
Duration: 7 days

Nov-03-13  05:48:22 PST  Starting Price US $0.99
Nov-03-13 05:30:47 PST  US $1.00
Nov-03-13 06:50:48 PST  US $88.00
Nov-03-13 06:10:44 PST  US $101.00
Nov-03-13 06:50:52 PST  US $151.00
Nov-04-13 05:21:39 PST  US $188.00
Nov-04-13 05:21:48 PST  US $288.00
Nov-04-13 05:21:55 PST  US $388.00
Nov-04-13 05:22:02 PST  US $500.00
Nov-03-13 19:56:21 PST  US $600.00
Nov-04-13 19:39:03 PST  US $710.00
Nov-04-13 19:39:06 PST  US $810.00
Nov-04-13 19:42:02 PST  US $910.00
Nov-04-13 19:42:06 PST  US $950.00
Nov-04-13 19:42:10 PST  US $995.00
Nov-04-13 21:41:59 PST  US $1,100.00
Nov-04-13 23:12:34 PST  US $1,500.00
Nov-04-13 07:02:24 PST  US $1,500.00
Nov-05-13 01:11:16 PST  US $1,600.00
Nov-06-13 07:28:10 PST  US $1,659.00
Nov-06-13 07:28:37 PST  US $1,999.00
Nov-05-13 05:14:24 PST  US $2,000.00
Nov-07-13 10:27:10 PST  US $2,050.00
Nov-09-13 08:02:10 PST  US $2,200.00
Nov-09-13 08:02:41 PST  US $2,250.00
Nov-06-13 07:29:35 PST  US $2,250.00
Nov-09-13 08:02:53 PST  US $2,300.00
Nov-10-13 02:50:30 PST  US $2,378.00
Nov-10-13 05:30:45 PST  US $2,925.00
Nov-10-13 05:30:35 PST  US $2,975.00
This item sold for US $2,975.00 

This same item was posted on my Blog on 23rd May 2013 "Malaysia 1976 Copper Cent Transitional Error Graded NGC MS66."
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I listed the records of the bidding from the ebay is proof of evidence,confirmation and verification that it was a genuine realised price.Please do not ask MNS must do something so that the price for this rare cent should not serge to an other record high.If you do not agreed to these realised prices, please just ignore them.


  1. Considering the scarcity of the 1 Sen 1976 copper coin in such a high grade, I was indeed surprised the realized price on Ebay in RM was lower than the 1969 50 Sen milled edge NGC Au 55 which fetched RM10230 at the recent CAA Auction 2/2013 held on Oct 19 2013 in Singapore.

  2. Hi Anonymous,
    Well, it is a open and free market. the supply and demand will set its course,willing buyer and willing seller fix the price.
    I got a customer who always be a chaser! He condemned strongly whenever that is a new record price realised.He called those buyers stupid and crazy. But when the next new record price realised, he said he missed the chance to buy in the last auction.He is still chasing for the previos realised price while condeming the new record realised price............always be a looser!

  3. Dickson, I said it before and I say it again. Serious collectors (for long-term investment) will take your information very seriously because you are providing the latest information. In the world of investment (for big profit, not losses) information is not good enough but you must be able to turn the information into knowledge to profit from it. I always surf your blogspot for latest information and hopefully turn it (information) in useful knowledge for investment purposes. I happen to believe that the market price (based on willing buyer-willing seller basis) will only go one direction - that is, up and up in the future. Yes, there are losers and there are born losers.

  4. Hi Dickson,
    Your blog are very informative with the latest breaking news. I've learnt a lot from your blog and profited with heaps of knowledge and not in term of monetary.

  5. Hi Andrew Chew,
    Tqvm for your good comments! Please comments more often to better my Blog, I strive to do my lever best!