Singapore First Series 1967 20 Cents With Full Brockage Errors.


To find a Singapore Mint error coin is already a difficult task, to find this major error coin with Striking Error- Full Brockage Errors was my biggest task in my error and rare coins collection.

Singapore First Series 1967 20 Cents Full Brockage Errors. Reverse.
A brockage is an early form of mint error which results from the use of a previously-struck coin as a die OR is formed when a coin is not ejected from the press and remains in place while another planchet is struck. The result is that the first coin acts as a die for the second coin and makes an incuse impression of the exposed face.
Singapore First Series 1967 20 Cents Full Brockage Errors. Obverse.

This  4 Rs Singapore first series 1967 20 Cents with Full Brockage Errors looked very similar with my an other RARE collection of Queen Elizabeth 20 Cents with Full Brockage Error coin.

Straits Settlements 20 cents 1961 Full Brockage Errors.Obverse.


  1. Phiit, one is Miss World while the other, Miss Universe.
    Walau-eh, lau-sai-how-sui-eh haha.
    Wah, where in the world you managed to get these two, haha.
    Congratulations, Dickson:)

  2. Hi whycollect,

    How I managed to get these two unique errors?
    Firstly,my face looked 'error'!
    Second,sniff around like a sniffer dog!
    Thirdly,my sincerity make them to allow me to inherit their collections!
    Lastly, paid market price!

  3. Hi Dickson,
    Haha, agree with you esp the last reason.
    Ya, we paid for all our major errors too.
    Phew, so far even after so many years, never lucky enough to find one of them among the circulation coins :D

  4. Hi whycollect,
    Try harder,and ask every possible and potential source!
    Try until you walk in dealers stores,they will automatically bring you their private collections!

  5. Collecting error are so fun and exciting,lots of surprises waiting in front of us, yes.. is true when I walked into this dealer's shop last month in Times Square while looking and choosing at some error coins suddenly he show me his ONE & ONLY 50 cent 1967 Milled Edge, first I ignored cos the price tag was few hundred ringgit, then a while without thinking much I just grab it first after I read the Coin's catalogue saying this coin are really RARE and freaking error moreover I bought it quite cheap from him.......a purely satisfaction to hunt for error coins continues......

  6. Hi Stewart Tan,
    Always, when you are at the right place on the right time, something good sure happen!