1988 50 CENTS "DOT"

Malaysia Parliament Series 1988 50 Cents With Die Gouge Errors "DOT".
Rarity: RR

This 1988 50 cents Die Gouge Error "DOT" coin was first made known and popularised by Steven Tan in his 19th edition of Standard Catalogue of Malaysia,Singapore, Brunei Coin and Paper Money published in 2010 in conjunction with his 50th anniversary celebration (1960-2010) of his company; the International Stamp & Coin Sdn. Bhd.It was priced at RM30 for an uncirculated coin and RM40 for an brilliant uncirculated coin.

However, in his 20th edition of coin and paper money catalogue published in 2012,this 1988 extra "DOT" on parliament die gouge error 50 cents coin was priced at RM80 for an uncirculated coin and RM100 for an brilliant uncirculated coin.It showed a surged of 62.5 % and 60 % of price increased respectively.

A "DOT" or "DOTS" on a coin actually is a Die Gouge Error coin. Die Gouge Error is a form of die error when the hammer die struck through a small round object on the bottom die during the striking , thus creating a hole. This hole, which is an incused element on the die will result in a raised element on the subsequent coins came into the minting press.

Mostly  known to Malaysian coin collectors as a "DOT" on coins as this die error exhibits a "DOT" like  features on the coin.There are three Die Gouge Error coins listed on Steven Tan's catalogue - 5 sen of 1982, 50 sen of  1979 and 50 sen of 1988.

Die gouges (or dents) are common on coins and like finding angels in the clouds, you will find them where you want if you look long enough.


  1. Hi Dickson,
    These "extra dot" thingy in our numismatic scene makes it more fun and happening!

    I think only collectors in Malaysia pursue after this so-called extra dot niche in coins collecting. Listed extra dot variety commands a good price too.

    Yeah agree with you that these extra dots variety still can be found in circulation if you are persistence enough. Except 5sen1982 extra dot which is quite hard to get. :D

    What do you think of the potential of other unlisted extra dots variety which were reported by the collectors such as 10sen2008 embedded "extra dot" variety (first discovered by blogger Nu), 10 sen 2011 extra BIG dot variety and many more?

    Thanks for the great article!

  2. Hai! Mr. Dickson,
    Betul tu, kita masih boleh jumpa lagi syiling begini di edaran. Nampaknya premium untuk syiling "extra dot" semakin meningkat. Pemburuan semakin menyeronokkan.
    Terima kasih dengan perkogsian.

  3. Hi mnfaj,
    Thank you mnfaj,an obvious "DOT" will always get better premium regardless the year.It always at a price range of RM50 to RM80 for an UNC Die Gouge Error coin.

  4. Hi nsdk,
    Terima kasih atas kunjungan anda.
    Premium untuk syiling "extra dot" memang semakin meningkat.
    Dengan lebih peminat error coin,maka kenaikan harga memang tidak dapat dielakkan,ini boleh jadi satu petanda yang baik.