Off Center Double Strikes With Counter Brockage Multiple Strikes

Off-Center Double Struck coin is a coin that was struck more than once.
Off-Center Double Struck Error coins were have full reeded edge. First strikes,it was struck as a perfect coin with full details,including full reeded edge.

Because it was not ejected properly after having been struck and falls partially inside the collar again, it was struck the second time at Off-Center position, this is how we get the Off-Center Double Struck Error coins.

Counter-brockage errors are the result of a planchet and a brockage coin being present in the coining chamber at the same time. The items may overlap or rest on top of each other.

A multiple strike could also happen when a coin is struck, then bounces from table vibration into the path of another die. At press speed of two strikes per second, this is a possibility, as are other scenarios. This error is the most popular among collectors and the biggest attention-getter. The eye appeal of the multiple strike error coin has made it one of the most sought after types. The more obvious the encroachment of the second and third strikes on the first strike, the greater the interest. More often than not, though, multiple strikes appear as almost shadows of previous strikes, being very close together due to the high speed machinery. What makes this type even more desirable is the appearance of more than one date, as well as the presence of the reverse image on the striking.


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